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Re-engagement: Ignite Your Inactive Subscriber

Re-engagement: Ignite Your Inactive Subscriber

Digital marketing spend in the US is anticipated to reach 3.24 billion dollars by the year 2023. Out of all those new leads, only 20% on average generate a sale. That transfers to approx. 2.59 billion dollars loss marketing spend in 2023.

Often many digital marketers focus on acquisition because goals are often set for how many leads programs need to acquire. While this is important in the marketing funnel, it is only one part of the challenge as we go from acquisition to a qualified sale (or your ultimate success metric). 

Digital marketers use re-engagement strategy to engage inactive leads or remove inactives from the database. This not only assists in maximizing marketing ROI, but also achieves a clean, truly engaged list of subscribers.

In order to successfully re-engage these leads/customers, it is important to track your rate of churn and understand your lead-life cycle.

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