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Spelling out a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

In most companies, content marketing is either considered a blessing or a curse.

Organizations that have access to professionals who can strategize and create proper content know it’s a blessing because they’re establishing thought leadership, brand awareness, and relationships with prospects. But for the companies that don’t have a content strategy in place—or a specialist to actually carry it out—it can feel like you’re cursed to play second-fiddle to your competitors forever.

But what exactly is “proper” content? How do you create the right strategy?

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The Marketo Webinar Features You Should be Using, Like, Now

Our superheroes just hosted a great webinar on Marketo’s new Data Retention Policy, and we want to share some of our success strategies with you! Hosting a webinar can raise awareness for your business, help you develop trust with your target audience, and boost your email list. Luckily, Marketo makes it easy to set one up–-but are you using webinars to your full potential?

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4 Quick Tips on How to Jump into Marketo for Newbies

4 Quick Tips on How to Jump into Marketo for Newbies

You’ve already purchased Marketo, so you know what a great tool it is and how it can take your marketing to new heights. But where to start?

Here are a few tips on how to dip a toe (or 4) into this deep pool of complex software before you dive in.

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How to Tell if Your Content Deserves a Crown (or Exile)

I know you hear it.

That not-so-subtle chant of “Content is king!” ringing in your ears.  But I won’t bother reminding you why content should be the driving force of your overall marketing (and marketing automation) strategy, because you already know.

Instead, I’d like to discuss the real topic at hand: How to spot the really great content from the “just OK” stuff.

Whether you produce your content internally or outsource it, telling the difference between the good, the bad and the just plain ugly copy isn’t always easy. To help you determine whether or not your content is deserving of its kingly status, or needs some lessons in royal behavior, here’s a few questions you can ask: Continue reading →

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How to Prepare for Marketo’s New MCE

So word on the street is that this year’s Marketo Certified Expert exam is a doozy! Its questions are rumored to be more scenario-based, which means that test takers have to REALLY understand the platform to pass.

Here’s 4 things guaranteed to help you get prepped and (hopefully) ace the test the first time:

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We Heard You Were Asking About Us

We Heard You Were Asking About Us

Dear Friends,

We have taken you with us every step of the way on our epic journey of building a first class Marketing Automation and Account-Based Marketing consultancy. As we celebrate yet another year, it is incumbent upon us to continue to provide you value, not only individually as we work with our amazing clients, but also to contribute to the body of work and knowledge base for our industry. We have received constant demand for our work and services, but also for our intellectual brain trust. As experts, it is our job, to guide the industry. As a leader, it is my job to provide growth opportunities for my employees. As such, we are very excited to build this blog as a forum to address this need.

A few cool notes about our exciting new endeavor:

  • Our blog will have content from all of our superheroes, both from my amazing team, but also from our allies in the industry. – fill out the subscription form on the right and check the “I would like to contribute to the blog” box if you’d like to be a part of our work.
  • Our blog will cover Marketing Automation, Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Everything Marketo, Engagio, Predictive and whatever else the industry demands of their superheroes. Email us your feedback and topic requests. I might even add some content on all of our learnings from building a successful company.
  • We are going to be testing A LOT of different things. So, the more you engage, the more we learn and create a superior experience for you.

We take the time once again, as we hit yet another major milestone in our journey to thank you for our all of your support. We really couldn’t have done this without you!

Super Thanks!
Maneeza and her Epic Team of Super Heroes

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