How to Tell if Your Content Deserves a Crown (or Exile)

I know you hear it.

That not-so-subtle chant of “Content is king!” ringing in your ears.  But I won’t bother reminding you why content should be the driving force of your overall marketing (and marketing automation) strategy, because you already know.

Instead, I’d like to discuss the real topic at hand: How to spot the really great content from the “just OK” stuff.

Whether you produce your content internally or outsource it, telling the difference between the good, the bad and the just plain ugly copy isn’t always easy. To help you determine whether or not your content is deserving of its kingly status, or needs some lessons in royal behavior, here’s a few questions you can ask: Continue reading →

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Import Your Lists the Easy Way

You’ve just returned to work after a successful trade show—awesome! And chances are, you’ve acquired a long list of promising leads. So, now what?…

It’s time to get those leads into Marketo and follow up with every last one of them A.S.A.P, especially while you and your company are still fresh on their minds. Continue reading →

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Why Marketing Automation Will Never be Easy

Marketing Automation today is experiencing the Facebook Effect, with everyone comparing their life (or in this case, their instance) to the polished, finished results of everyone else.

But in reality, the work behind those results and the day-to-day activities it took to get to that point might not be so pretty. To succeed in Marketing Automation, marketers need to take a step (or five) back to look at its foundation to form a proper strategy. Continue reading →

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