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Why Don’t MQLs Convert?

Why Don’t MQLs Convert?

When our Marketing Director, Pam Hege, asked me “Wasif, why don’t MQLs convert?”, I replied sarcastically, “It’s because you didn’t provide me with any quality MQLs.” 🙂 (I have some making up to do with Pam after that reply.)  

The truth is that there are several factors, and while Marketing and Sales leaders might be asking these questions differently and have different opinions, the one thing they both agree upon—and are measured on—is net new revenue.

For decades, we have evolved both Marketing and Sales processes. As leaders and as an industry, we have done it all—from naming all types of marketing funnels, to dissecting, mapping, staging, and flipping them to equally complex methods in Sales processes and stages (i.e. Sandler, Mack Hanan, Tony Parinello & Rain Group solution selling to name a few). Then, when you layer all of that on top of each organization’s and each and leader’s best practices and frameworks, you will get our current problem statement. Why is it so hard for MQLs to convert into a qualified opportunity?

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