Marvel Marketing Minute – Making Your Audience Feel All the Feels

St.Valentine’s Day: when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. It’s really all about feelings—warm, fuzzy, kind. It’s the holiday known by its overwhelming use of hearts, flowers, chocolates, and warm colors. Hallmark, Hershey’s, and many others have supported this vision to expand on these heartfelt emotions.

As marketers, and leaders, our job is to make people feel. When I was at Nordstrom, my role was to make the store feel a certain way. Each department had what amounts to a vision board and a persona that we targeted.  We wanted that forever-35 or super savvy funky girl to feel comfortable in her “space”. Physical space makes sense for feelings, right?

Now I sit in the digital world, which is far more vast than any before. We have the ability to reach more people, maybe more easily. But the responsibility for how they feel about us hasn’t changed.  

When you look at your email, social post, website, etc., how does it make you feel? How do you think it makes your target or potential customers feel? And your current customers? Are they inspired and energized? Are they motivated to act? Are they delighted by your note, or does it slip into their filter?  

There are a few things you can do right now to make sure your end-user is feeling all the feels you’d like them to:

1. Make it beautiful

Run your email through a testing program like Email on Acid or Litmus. If your email isn’t responsive or something’s not quite right, there’s no way you’ll give them warm fuzzies or make them feel inspired and delighted!

2. Make it meaningful

Does your content say something meaningful…I mean really meaningful?  If you’re not adding value from the start, your relationship probably isn’t going to grow. (That’s Dating 101!)

3. Send the right message

Send yourself that email to your personal email and your work email to see if it’s presented how you’d like in those different settings. At the end of the day, all emails are B2C…or maybe B2P(eople).  Make sure the person on the other end likes what they see.

4. Don’t smother them

Review your reports and your communication limits to make sure they’re set correctly. The only thing that should be smothered are burritos. Or maybe an ice cream sundae.

If you’re not sure how to do these things, we can help…with your marketing. We’ll leave your love life to you.  Happy St. Valentine’s Day! 💖

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Amanda Thall

Posted by Amanda Thall

A chronic early adopter, Amanda Thall has a passion for discovering ways technology can be used to improve internal processes while fostering meaningful customer experiences. Her superpowers include translating business and technology requirements to both sides of the fence, balancing high-level strategy while keeping an eye on the smallest detail, and wrangling multiple departments to push complex, strategic projects over the finish line. Amanda lives in Denver with her two “sons” Phinn and Oliver--a Jack Russell Terrorist and a German Shepard.