Marketing Stack Health Check – Why You Need to See A Professional

Marketing Stack Health Check – Why You Need to See A Professional

You’ve spent time and money building your marketing infrastructure with all the digital tools you thought you needed. But are they really doing what you hoped they would do?

Has revenue grown and efficiencies increased? When was the last time you determined how well your systems are working for you? 

At Marvel Marketers, we often find inefficiencies when performing health checks with our clients—like APIs that aren’t working, unintentional self-imposed latencies in data flow, misfires of connectors, systems that are no longer in use but still cost money, or broken operational systems that have gone unnoticed. 

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How to Engage your Customers, Stay Compliant, Make Legal Happy … All While Maintaining your Sanity

In heavily regulated industries, it can seem impossible to reach consumers in a meaningful way. You know that your current customers—and future customers—expect relevant, personalized messaging and trust you with their sensitive information. You also know your legal and compliance teams have significant concerns about data collection and storage and would prefer batch and blast to avoid using any of the data on hand. Continue reading →

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