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Ahem… A Poem… In Celebration of 7 Years

Ahem… A Poem… In Celebration of 7 Years

Dear Marvel Marketers… from a future Date

Congratulations on your 7 year birthday… Celebrate!

That went fast, or so it’s easy now to proclaim,

But I know we really remember every brick and stone we laid

We remember all the friends along the way

Those who cheered or simply listened to what we had to say

And wow what amazing employees joined along the way

And much #gratitude for them every single day

And sometimes their work leaves little to say

For it is inspires us all even today

And #gratitude for the clients who trusted us early on

To help their digital transformation from here to beyond

And #gratitude to our industry friends and partners for their support

Who always remember us in their amazing industry efforts

And all Superheroes battle villains from time to time

But never did it disrupt the journey or beauty of the climb

And #gratitude to those who let us help through #MPACT

When we were the ones gaining through service… that’s a fact.

And #gratitude for 7 years of lessons learned

And #gratitude for 7 years of badges earned

And #gratitude for 7 years of opportunities to give back

And #gratitude of 7 years of remembering that important fact

And let’s not forget the #gratitude for courage to swing big

And let’s not forget the fortitude and required grit

And let’s take a minute to reflect on our world tour… 

San Mateo, Austin, Belfast… Stay tuned for more

Let’s celebrate our amazing Pioneers

Without whom there would be no reason for cheers

Here is to Team Purple and the Marketo Nation

Here is to Engagio, and congrats on the acquisition

Let’s not forget Scott’s incredible Martech Stack

That’s kept us all busy… and  all 7 years at that

And then among all this celebration, let’s be true

That all great success has loss, too

#Gratitude for the sacrifices made by others

During pandemics and hopefully no others

Thank you to the front line helpers and the bravery

You gave us all strength in a major way

And do not despair on what may come

The Great Pause gave us lessons granted only to some

We learned to stop and take a breath

We learned to soften every step

We learned how heroes emerge

Almost the minute we felt submerged 

Some sewed masks as their superpower

Some worked every waking hour

Some helped neighbors and the elderly

Some took to educating everybody

But we saw most choose hope over despair

And we saw love, honesty and care

And so we have #gratitude for success even with difficulty

And #gratitude that we know the importance of humility

And the next 7 years will be better than the first

And our goals give us a special kind of thirst

Of hope and growth that lets us make and MPACT

And of #gratitude and passion so we can give back

And after we have a big old slice of cake 

And after we take the time to celebrate… 

We hope this success on all of you

Because you really can’t do a description justice, in true

So here is to shared success and cheers

And here is to Marvel Marketers and 7 years.

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Superhero-Sized Wins – The Stevie® Awards

Superhero-Sized Wins – The Stevie® Awards

When our CEO, Maneeza Aminy, founded Marvel Marketers in 2013, she did so with five specific values in mind:

  • Be Accountable
  • Own It
  • Figure It Out
  • Make It Excellent
  • Make an Impact

As the company has grown, so has the emphasis on these core values. They govern everything our superheroes do in their daily work. These five values make Marvel Marketers a leader in the industry, a trusted partner to our clients, a contributor to the greater good, a great place to build a career, and allow us to win each and every day.

“You can win in lots of ways,” Maneeza explained at the end of 2019. “You can give to others, you can build careers, you can make clients successful.”

And now, living our values has allowed us to win in one more way. Selected from more than 3,600 nominations, Marvel Marketers has won three of the Stevie Awards’ 2020 American Business Awards®.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

I have spent a lot of time studying Joy and Happiness. I studied them analytically when I taught Economics for 12 years, and I study them constantly as part of my personal journey through life.  I don’t know what attracts me so much to the topics, but I am very grateful for it.

When I started Marvel Marketers, immediately, one of our underlying philosophies became to maintain an attitude of gratitude.  It was important that we do this, not just as a philosophical exercise, but that we live our intent.

I have been lucky to know the ROI (hehe) of gratitude as a fundamental truth.  For those of you who have not had such luck, here is a fantastic collection of no fewer than 26 studies which show you the science and benefits of gratitude.  If you like videos, here is a great < 5 Minute Video.

While I believe every day should be Thanksgiving, I am still very happy there is a single day dedicated for all of us to take a minute and be grateful.  I want to take advantage of this upcoming day and share with you all we are thankful for at MM.

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For Our 5th Birthday, We’re Making an Mpact!

If you read my last blog post, you know that MarvelMarketers is celebrating its 5th birthday this month and that we’ve created something big to take our work beyond the marketing world.

Our thirst for truly being heroic every single day made the decision to launch our non-profit foundation, Mpact, super easy. The second I spoke of the vision, our superheroes lined up to help!

So, “Why so serious?” Why a formal foundation?  

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We Heard You Were Asking About Us

We Heard You Were Asking About Us

Dear Friends,

We have taken you with us every step of the way on our epic journey of building a first class Marketing Automation and Account-Based Marketing consultancy. As we celebrate yet another year, it is incumbent upon us to continue to provide you value, not only individually as we work with our amazing clients, but also to contribute to the body of work and knowledge base for our industry. We have received constant demand for our work and services, but also for our intellectual brain trust. As experts, it is our job, to guide the industry. As a leader, it is my job to provide growth opportunities for my employees. As such, we are very excited to build this blog as a forum to address this need.

A few cool notes about our exciting new endeavor:

  • Our blog will have content from all of our superheroes, both from my amazing team, but also from our allies in the industry. – fill out the subscription form on the right and check the “I would like to contribute to the blog” box if you’d like to be a part of our work.
  • Our blog will cover Marketing Automation, Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Everything Marketo, Engagio, Predictive and whatever else the industry demands of their superheroes. Email us your feedback and topic requests. I might even add some content on all of our learnings from building a successful company.
  • We are going to be testing A LOT of different things. So, the more you engage, the more we learn and create a superior experience for you.

We take the time once again, as we hit yet another major milestone in our journey to thank you for our all of your support. We really couldn’t have done this without you!

Super Thanks!
Maneeza and her Epic Team of Super Heroes

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