Why Marketing Automation Will Never be Easy

Marketing Automation today is experiencing the Facebook Effect, with everyone comparing their life (or in this case, their instance) to the polished, finished results of everyone else.

But in reality, the work behind those results and the day-to-day activities it took to get to that point might not be so pretty. To succeed in Marketing Automation, marketers need to take a step (or five) back to look at its foundation to form a proper strategy.

In this podcast hosted by the American Marketing Association, Marvel Marketers’ CEO, Maneeza Aminy, discusses:

  • How to approach implementing a Marketing Automation plan
  • Common industry-wide concerns and where to look for answers
  • The right questions to ask as you begin to build out your own Marketing Automation practice

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about managing your adoption of Marketing Automation before it manages you.

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Marvel Marketers

Posted by Marvel Marketers

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